Activated Carbon

The cloth is 100% activated carbon and is more effective at adsorption compared to other carbon loaded materials with a lower activated carbon content. Cloth is available in woven and knitted forms and can be tailored to your application requirements based on intended usage, weight, and thickness.

This material is made to order. Please contact us directly for a custom quote.



  • The flexible textile form offers superior handling in filter and product manufacturing and makes lamination or bonding to other materials possible.
  • Extremely large surface area of 1000-2000 m²/g.
  • The material exhibits more rapid reaction and adsorption kinetics compared with granular activated carbon, permitting shorter contact time, higher airflow speeds, or small bed depths when required.
  • A greater amount of vapour will be adsorbed compared with the same weight of granular activated carbon. This allows the material to be more effective in high vapour concentrations or where smaller bed depths are required.
  • The material’s high efficiency and large capacity for adsorption are less adversely affected by preadsorbed moisture than granular activated carbon. Therefore, the material is more suitable for use in humid environments where their effectiveness will be maintained.


  • Oil mist filters in compressed air
  • Gas sensor protectors and filters
  • Protection of artefacts from tarnish and degradation
  • Water and air purification
  • Escape Masks
  • Low weight reduced resistance respirator canisters


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